“NOLA Marketing is rapidly becoming the stuff of urban legend here in the Bay Area.
The combination of their creative talents, pragmatic mindset and concrete deliverables
makes invaluable to companies looking to get things done quickly and effectively. Their
team covers all the important aspects of brand identity, website design and lead
generation. Always my first and best choice for getting the job done right.”
J.F. Sullivan
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Cloudmark, Eleven and Habeas

“Emily is truly one in a million – she gets things done – fast and in a highly creative way
– I loved how Emily and her team kept pace in our high energy environment. Deep
knowledge of direct marketing and which tactics work. No nonsense approach to working
and Emily takes on the most arduous challenges – believe me I know – happy to provide
a reference”
Wasim Ahmad
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Voltage Security

“Emily and NOLA Marketing provide valuable services for a more than fair price. Emily
is knowledgeable, creative, responsible, and a true pleasure to work with. She always
delivers excellent results on-time, usually under budget, and in creative ways that keep us
ahead of the competition. I would happily outsource all my marketing services needs to
Emily, with full confidence that my investment would be returned 1000%.”
Dawn Jensen
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Sun Microsystems

“I have used NOLA Marketing for several assignment and have always received quality results. From website design and implementation to brand image design, Emily and NOLA have consistently produced results that were creative and captured the essence of what we were trying to communicate with our brand and website.”
Brad Solso
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Ashwood Management Partners

“I’ve worked with Emily on marketing projects for the Burlingame School District and Burlingame Community for Education Foundation (BCE).  While I knew Emily had significant business marketing expertise, those skills translated extremely well into the public sector.  Emily took charge of numerous large scale projects and was able to navigate the sometimes challenging public sector with relative ease, given her strong business background. 

Her communications program for the District’s five-year strategic plan, based on in-depth interviews with representatives from across the community, was a huge step forward for the District, its marketing, messaging and communications strategy.  But her most impressive work was with BCE where her new messaging, direct marketing program and innovative marketing skills have significantly improved the organization’s perception and fundraising success in the community.  Additionally, Emily’s annual campaign, which solicits direct donations, consistently exceeds expectations – even through a recession year.”
Brian Beswick
Burlingame School District Budget Advisor

“I first used NOLA Marketing at VeriSign, when I was in the Telecommunications
department. Emily & team created messaging for our division – messaging that made
sense to the telecommunications market we were developing product for, but also fit with
our enterprise security software company identity. When I moved on to small business
marketing years later, I brought NOLA Marketing with me. I can officially report that
NOLA is equally effective with consumer-oriented marketing – like online ad creative
promoting windshield wipers – as they are with high-tech B2B marcom. We had one
week where I needed a conservative data sheet for a publishing company, a funny ad for
a consumer bank, and an online banner campaign for an orthopedic center. It all came
back right on strategy, exactly on budget, and the clients were thrilled that we understood
exactly what they wanted. NOLA just really understands marketing.”
Amy Phoenix
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at A.L. Phoenix Marketing and VeriSign

“I have worked with Emily and NOLA at two companies – CyberSource and Sun
Microsystems. Both times, Emily has delivered impeccable, high quality work in a timely
fashion. I can put her directly in touch with customers and partners representing
me/company without any hesitation knowing she’ll represent our best interest. She
becomes part of your marketing organization and hits the ground running. She is
Linda Kim
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Sun Microsystems
Worked with NOLA Marketing at CyberSource

“I worked with Emily in two separate organizations and in short, she is brilliant. When
faced with limited resources, where there is a need to get external help, especially for
activities with very tight deadlines, Emily (NOLA Marketing) has proved invaluable.
Whether the requirement is tactical, such as developing or supplementing basic sales
enablement materials, or producing corporate brochures, or helping to define messaging,
types of collateral needed, (whether datasheets, white papers, or customer case studies)
and message execution sequencing in order to support lead nurturing or customer
acquisition programs, Emily hits the road running very quickly and delivers.”
Mike Basoah
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Saba and YouSendIt

“Emily and her firm, NOLA, were Habeas’ extended marketing team for the last 3 years
of the company (I sold the company Q308). I have never worked with a more focused
and cost-effective marketing vendor. Emily’s got a talented, extended team that turns
work fast at very reasonable rates. Most importantly, Emily is great at helping to focus
any project on the most important thing – supporting sales efforts. With any other
marketing vendors, I get that invoice and feel a bit queasy as I sign, asking myself –
‘what the heck did we really get out that $15k spend?’. With NOLA, money spent is
money well spent. On top of that, Emily is great to work with. She is a real pro and
delivers tremendous value in both the end product and her advice and counsel.”
Des Cahill
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Habeas

“Emily is one of the great marketing professionals in Silicon Valley. I engaged Emily
when we were launching SteelEye and she was an invaluable resource. Emily has a great
eye and sense for an impactful marketing campaign. Emily and the NOLA team were
instrumental in the creative and production direction on company collateral, tradeshow
look and messaging as well the coming need (this was 2000) of a strong web presence.
Emily is also well connected and the core NOLA team is very strong. Over the years, I
have stayed in contact with Emily and she has evolved her practice to be much more web
focused and has provided her clients significant value through social and business
networking as well as blogging methodologies that deliver great results. My only regret
is I was never able to convince Emily to work full time at SteelEye. I highly recommend
Emily to anyone who is in need of marketing, promotion and lead generating help and I
look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.”
Jim Fitzgerald
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Global Bay and SteelEye

“I was working for a small company as the one person marketing team when I first
started working with Emily. She and her group of highly talented cohorts quickly became
my extended team. Emily supported me through a number of major projects including a
complete refresh of the company website and the design of a new company logo with all
the associated challenges. Emily and company can be counted on for delivering high
quality work in a timely manor and, for those of us with limited budgets, at a reasonable
rate. Even a one person marketing team occasionally comes up with last minute, ‘urgent’
requests and Emily was always there for me. She saved my bacon on a number of
occasions. She and her team are simply amazing and great to work with. I now consider
her a friend as well as a great marketing resource. Hire her and enjoy the experience of
working with a true professional.”
Kimberly Baker Kelley
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at One Touch

“Changing a logo after many years is tough, but Emily and her team made the process
fun and thought of all the details. They helped us apply the new logo to all of our
materials and packaging. They even created a postcard for us to send to our clients. We
were thrilled with all of it and got rave reviews from all of our clients.”
John Kingston
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at John Mark Salon

“NOLA Marketing has been a great resource for my small business. As a small legal
practice, I needed a cost-effective agency for both strategy and materials. Emily
Matthews and her great virtual team came through with creative ideas, a cool stand-out
logo for my firm, and a bottom-line that didn’t break my budget.”
Cary Platkin
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Platkin Law Offices

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emily and the NOLA team at two different
companies now where they served as my outsourced marketing team handling branding,
collateral and website development. Emily is an extremely personable and collaborative
marketing partner, incredibly creative and can work miracles with any budget. The results
her team delivered were always innovative, results focused and on-time. What I really
appreciate most is her ability to quickly understand our marketing objectives no matter
what the product and craft a top notch solution that would have taken months and lots of
$$$ to develop internally. I’m sure I will work with NOLA again in the future and have
no hesitation recommending them for any job.”
Josh Stivers
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at OnPoint Staffing
Worked with NOLA Marketing at Habeas

“Emily has been a great resource for me over the past 3 years. She continually goes
above and beyond what I’ve come to expect from other outsourced marketing firms. She
is very creative in how she approaches marketing problems and, best of all, she drives
projects to completion even when members of our team don’t give her everything she
needs. I couldn’t recommend anyone higher.”
Chris Brubaker
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at YouSendIt
Worked with NOLA Marketing at Habeas

“When my clients need marketing help, I always refer them to NOLA Marketing. The
work is always high quality and the team is great. NOLA is also always there to help
when we need something done quickly – from exec photo shoots to brochures –
regardless of how crazy the schedule.”
Patrick Corman
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Corman Communications

“I’ve had the honor of working with Emily throughout my entire career, and at each
organization she rapidly inspired the trust, respect, and admiration of everyone she
interacted with – from executive to individual contributor. She is a true marketing maven
who can both strategize a first-class marketing plan and deliver fresh, engaging creative
under very tight deadlines. She ALWAYS gets the job done, and gets it done with style
and wit. Her astute judgment and genuine interest in the success of her clients should
make her everyone’s go-to person for outsourced marketing services. For all of her advice
and hard work, I have to say THANK YOU Emily!”
Elizabeth Brown
Worked with NOLA Marketing at Habeas, PKWARE and Voltage

“I first engaged Emily and NOLA Marketing at Edge Dynamics where we needed some
short-term marcom help. She was so valuable that we kept her around for the next 2 years
(!) and expanded the scope of her services dramatically. Her no-nonsense, get-it-done
approach is as refreshing as it is effective. Over the last few years, Emily has delivered
fabulous, creative results with more than a dozen clients in my own marketing services
business. I hesitate to endorse her as highly as I could – because I don’t want her to get
too busy!”
Andy Sayare
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Escalera Group
Worked with NOLA Marketing at Edge Dynamics

“Working with Emily Matthews has been dream. With her can-do approach,
sophisticated understanding of how best to reach out to customers and shareholders, and
the skills of a project manager extraordinaire, I have hired Emily for many projects across
three difference companies. ‘My secret weapon,’ I have come to count on Emily to
deliver high quality work on time, on budget, and most importantly, on message – every
time. Whether creating messaging platforms, collateral, website or press releases, Emily
never disappoints.”
Jim Lawton
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at OpenRatings
Worked with NOLA Marketing at ECnet

“NOLA Marketing and Emily Matthews are a creative, cost effective marketing partner
and vendor. Emily Matthews and her extended team of professionals are experienced and
awesome to work with for any key event. Upon hiring NOLA Marketing (and I have
done so twice) they become an extended member of my team. Emily listens to your
organization goals, and is quick to offer creative solutions. I value the creative thinking
and partnership at NOLA Marketing. I look forward to working with NOLA Marketing in
the future and recommend them highly for any large key marketing project or event!”
Betty Baker
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at AeA

“Emily is a Godsend. Whether she initiated a project, or picked it up midstream, the work
product was always more creative, more professional, and significantly more effective
than it would have been without her. Not only do Emily and her team execute stellar
work product, but they also provide excellent and innovative marketing strategy that
elevates her clients above the typical B2B noise.”
Kristina Klein Festa
Worked with NOLA Marketing at Voltage Security

“My small business needed everything … and NOLA delivered. On a very tight time-line,
Emily and her team produced a logo, website design, marketing collateral, print
advertising, company stationary and letterhead that were all exactly what I wanted. They
unified our entire presentation. Our identity and message are consistent from internet to
print and across all multimedia platforms. It’s awesome! Throughout the process they
constantly strove to assure that they were meeting the business goals of my company and
not just delivering a billable solution – I really appreciated that. I’m extremely proud of
the results and consider myself lucky to have NOLA as a business partner.”
Brett Siebert
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Fantasy Control

“Emily and her team served as a key part of the marketing team at Clustra. On an
ongoing basis, NOLA handled most of the marcom function, including collateral, Web
and events. We also worked with NOLA to execute several very successful marketing
campaigns. The great thing about NOLA was that they were there when we needed them
for whatever we needed and the work was always top notch.”
Gary Ebersole
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at ANTs Software, Clustra Systems
Hired Emily at InfoScape and Angara Database Systems

“I have worked with Emily as well as hired her for marketing collateral, program work
and micro-site work. Emily is conscientious, reliable and has a vast network of resources
to draw on to ensure timely, high integrity execution. Emily is an excellent multi-tasker
that gets work done fast.”
Brett Hydorn
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at CyberSource
Managed Emily at CyberSource

“Emily and her team at NOLA were key to the success of my lead generation programs at
RSA Security from 2006-2007. Emily led our account and continually provided
superlative work, from concept to final output and was also a joy to work with. Our lead
generation programs focused on data security and Emily helped us form Direct Mail,
Webcasts, Email Programs, Content Syndication, Search Engine Revisions, Landing
Page creation, and other programs that continually produced impressive results. I would
work with Emily and NOLA marketing again in a heartbeat.”
Brooke Haynie
Worked with NOLA Marketing at RSA

“I worked with Emily for several years at 4th Dimension Software. Emily is extremely
bright and picks things up very quickly. I’ve continued to work with Emily for the past
many years and I marvel at her tenacity, grasp of technology, and understanding the ‘big’
Felice McDonnell
Lutris Marketing
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Ballantyne Computer Services and Lutris
Managed Emily at 4th Dimension Software

“Emily and her NOLA team deliver creative ideas, high quality work on time and on
budget. It is refreshing to work with a team that is both creative and pragmatic. Emily has
worked across many different market segments (software, hardware, services) and this
breadth of experience allows her to adjust approach for given market and the project’s
specific scope and objective.”
Lori Pouquette
Worked with NOLA Marketing at ECnet

“Emily is the person I go to when I’ve got something complicated that I need to hand off
completely. She can marshal a variety of different resources to get complex marketing
projects done well with very little hand holding. Smart, knows her stuff, and is an
absolute joy to work with. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”
Kurt Stammberger
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Mocana and ProofSpace

“Emily Matthews is one of the best strategic *and* creative marketing professionals in
the technology business. She has the acumen and insight to be able to develop concepts,
strategy and programs that help companies differentiate themselves and generate new
business/revenue streams. In her work with companies, Emily’s planning and delivery
helps inspire marketing teams/professionals to be as passionate and results-focused as she
is. She has the ability to breathe new life into old programs, and to help companies
deliver new marketing programs that capture market and mindshare. I highly recommend
Emily Matthews/NOLA Marketing and her ability to deliver results-oriented business and
marketing consulting, and to oversee successful projects from start-to-finish. Simply put,
she gets it. And she gets results.”
James Strohecker
Worked with NOLA Marketing at ECnet

“Angara was a wild little start up, but Emily never seemed fazed by the fast pace. She led
a major upgrade of all of our marketing materials, including new logo, brochures and
Web site. It was all moving very quickly, but she seemed to enjoy it and everyone was
happy with the results. She was also fun to work with.”
Susan Bishop
Worked with Emily at Angara Database Systems

“Emily is a hard-working, creative individual, and a pleasure to work with. Her
experience is perfect for efficiently jump-starting a full marketing program from scratch.
When Emily joined Preview, she came up to speed quickly on what needed to be done
and made it happen. Her can-do attitude and willingness to go the extra mile was a great
help to us. After Preview, I hired her and the NOLA Marketing team, to manage a
marketing campaign for OneChannel.net and was pleased to have the same great
Karl Hirsch
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at OneChannel.net
Hired Emily at Preview Systems

“I met Emily early in her marketing career when she worked for me at Serena Software.
What she lacked in experience she made up for with hard work and creativity. One thing
that I was impressed with was Emily’s ability to understand and write about our very
technical products. She worked with our product marketing team to gather the info and
then wrote collateral, sales presentations and other marketing material. She also
organized and ran two very successful user conferences while she was at Serena. I highly
value Emily’s marketing talent. In fact, I’ve hired her at every opportunity since working
with her at Serena.”
Tony Bates
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at InfoSpace, PSC and WorldPay
Hired Emily at CyberSource
Managed Emily at Serena

“Emily helped me to update my company’s website (www.weiss.com). Her firm provided
site structure recommendations, layout/design development, and all coding and actual
deployment of the website. She proved herself to be extraordinarily patient and helpful
through the process. I will continue to use Emily’s firm for ongoing updates to our
Scott Bourne
Engaged NOLA Marketing for work at Weiss Associates

Serving marketing gumbo since 1999 – always with lagniappe.